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Jonathan Kelber









Associate Professor of Biology

As an undergraduate at Cal Poly Pomona Dr. Kelber used biophysical methods to study the structure and function of the HIV fusion protein, gp41, under the guidance of Dr. Patrick Mobley. He then completed his Ph.D. in biochemistry at UCSD. During his graduate studies with Dr. Wylie Vale at the Salk Institute, he investigated the role of Cripto/TDGF1 and its co-regulator GRP78 in stem and tumor cell biology. During his postdoctoral studies with Dr. Richard Klemke in UCSD's Department of Pathology and the Moores Cancer Center, he identified the new non-receptor tyrosine kinase PEAK1 and investigated its role in pancreatic cancer initiation and progression. In the Developmental Oncogene Laboratory at CSUN Dr. Kelber's previous training and expertise is combined with the enthusiasm and talent of CSUN trainees to address important questions in cancer and tissue regeneration.

Dr. Kelber is a native of Southern California. He loves to teach and work with inquisitive students in the research lab. When he's not in the classroom or lab, you can find him spending time with family and friends and enjoying outdoor sports.