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CSUN welcomes Dr. Joan Brugge (Harvard Ludwig Center), Ms. Michele Atlan (BCRF) and over 100 faculty and trainee cancer researchers at the inaugural state-wide CSU-ICM.

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Kelber lab welcomes 2 new graduate students (Cameron Geller and Francesca Sanchez) and 3 new undergrads (Nathalie Nadeles, Carolina Gonzalez and Joanna Maddela).

Congrats to our CSU-ICM trainee organizers (Robert Güth, Saadman Ahmad, Samantha Hain, Lisa Sorrells and Sa La Kim) for having their ASCB Early Career Meeting Grant funded.

Inaugural CSU-ICM event to be held at CSUN (CSUN Today Press Release) on Tuesday, November 6. Dr. Joan Brugge to speak as meeting keynote.

Former lab trainee Megan Agajanian (UNC Chapel Hill) received prestigious HHMI predoctoral fellowship. Here is the HHMI link.

Former lab trainees Caroline Arrellano-Garcia (Stanford doctoral program) and Anjelica Cardenas (UC Irvine) received prestigious Ford predoctoral fellowships.

Robert Guth has AACR abstract selected for minisymposium session and receives an AACR Scholar-In-Training Award.

Sarkis Hamalian has AACR abstract accepted for poster session.


Kelber featured on The Academic Minute, discussing pancreatic cancer.

Farhana Runa publishes review in Current Molecular Biology Reports.

Oncotarget interview with Kelber as cover article corresponding author.

CSU Chancellor's Office profiles Kelber.

Armen Gharibi and Sa La Kim publish article on ITGA1 in Nature Scientific Reports.

The Developmental Oncogene Lab welcomes postdoc Robert Güth.

Kelber receives prestigious ASCB MAC Visiting Professorship to work with Joan Brugge at Harvard Medical School and the Ludwig Center.

Yvess Adamian, Justin Molnar and Malachia Hoover defend their M.S. theses.

Kelber presents at the Ignite 22 meeting in Long Beach, CA.

Members of the Developmental Oncogene Lab attend 2016 AACR.

Members of the Developmental Oncogene Lab attend 2017 CSUPERB - Sa La Kim competes as a Nagel Award finalist.

Yvess Adamian and Malachia Hoover publish Oncotarget cover article.

NIH awards The Developmental Oncogene Lab $1.46 M to study new mechanisms of TGFbeta signaling in breast and pancreatic cancers.


Members of the Developmental Oncogene Lab  at 2016 ASCB - Malachia Hoover wins 2nd place in graduate student poster competition.

Armen Gharibi, Sa La Kim, Malachia Hoover and Yvess Adamian present posters at the 2016 AACR conference.

IMG_7483 IMG_7484

Sa La Kim received 5th place in the 2016 AACR Undergraduate Poster Competition.

Sa La Kim is appointed as a second year CSUN Presidential Scholar.

Sa La Kim, Malachia Hoover, Armen Gharibi and Justin Molnar received 2nd, 1st, 1st and 1st place, respectively, in the CSUN Symposium on Creative and Scholarly Works.

Farhana Runa publishes review on the pleiotropic functions of TGFbeta signaling.

Armen Gharibi publishes review on pancreatic cancer in Acta Histochemica.

Sa La Kim presents an oral presentation at the CSUPERB Symposium as one of eight Nagel Award finalists.

Malachia Hoover presents an oral presentation at the CSUPERB Symposium as one of eight Eden Award finalists.

Kelber and Sa La Kim receive CSUPERB travel awards to attend and present at the 2016 AACR annual conference.


Kelber is invited to present at NMSU and Northeastern University on the lab's work.

Kelber attends the AACR special conference on Developmental and Cancer Biology to present lab's work.

Our lab is highlighted in the recent CSUN Eddy Award Video.

Developmental Oncogene Laboratory awarded second round of Medtronic/Minimed/CSUN Research funding.

Erika Duell and Julie Hong begin as two new undergraduate students via the BUILD PODER program.

Our lab publishes a paper in BBRC showing that PEAK1 is a central molecular hub which controls the gene expression of the known TGFβ target gene ZEB1 during EMT in breast cancer.

Our lab publishes a landmark paper in PLoS ONE on the role of PEAK1 kinase in regulating TGFbeta signaling and function in breast cancer.

Malachia Hoover receives a biology department award for outstanding research for a continuing graduate student.


Megan Agajanian receives two biology department awards for outstanding research for a finishing graduate student.

IMG_4693 Megan

Megan Agajanian and Carol Arellano-Garcia graduate!

Carol Graduates Megan Graduates

Developmental Oncogene Laboratory awarded CSUPERB Joint-Venture grant in collaboration with Claremont BioSolutions.

Megan Agajanian successfully defends her thesis.

Megan Agajanian accepts offer to study for her Ph.D. at UNC.

Sa La Kim is appointed as both a CSUN Presidential and NIH MARC Scholar.

Megan Agajanian presents her research at the CSUN Research Competition and wins 2nd place in her division.

7 lab members present 6 different posters at the CSUPERB Symposium.

Megan Agajanian presents an oral presentation at the CSUPERB Symposium as one of eight Eden Award finalists.


Megan Agajanian and Sa La Kim present posters at the ASCB conference.

Developmental Oncogene Laboratory awarded Medtronic/Minimed/CSUN Research Grant.

Malachia is accepted into the prestigious NIH RISE program at CSUN.

Carol Arellano-Garcia (MARC mentee) studies at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute for the summer.

Developmental Oncogene Laboratory awarded CSUN Research Grant

Developmental Oncogene Laboratory awarded CSUPERB NI Research Grant

Malachia Hoover presents her work during the poster session of the EB conference.

3 lab members give oral presentations at the CSUN research competition - Yvess Adamian and Malachia Hoover win 1st and 2nd place in their undergraduate divisions.

3 lab members present posters at the CSUPERB Symposium.


4 lab members present their work in the poster sessions at the annual ASCB meeting - Yvess Adamian wins 1st place in the minority affairs undergraduate poster competition.

Daniel Brambilla is awarded the prestigious CSU Presidents' Commission Scholarship.

Brandon Wallace is awarded the Biology Department's Bellinger Award.

2 lab members present posters a the WCBSCUR conference.

3 lab members present posters at the CSUPERB Symposium.