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Fall 2018

How I see everyone...

How I see everyone


How everyone sees themself...

How everyone sees themself

Principal Investigator

Me Jonathan Kelber, Ph.D.

POSTdoctoral fellows

Robert Gueth, Ph.D. Robert Gueth, Ph.D.

Farhana Runa Farhana Runa, Ph.D.; Publications (12, 3)


Luke Luke Lee

Graduate students

Sa La Kim image Sa La Kim (former MARC and Presidential Scholar), Publications (1, 2), News (1)

Cameron Geller Cameron Geller

Francesca Francesca Sanchez

undergraduate students

Analine Analine Aguayo (RISE)

Yasmeen Yasmeen Nizam

Carolina Carolina Gonzalez (BUILD PODER)

Nathalie Nathalie Nadales (MARC)

Joanna Maddela (RISE)

Lab Alumni

photo_1 Laurelin Wolfenden, Publications (1)

Daniel (Research Team Photo) (1) Dabiel Brambilla, Publications (1, 2)

photo (3) Brandon Wallace

Anaamika Anaamika Campeau, Publications (1)

BryantOliva Bryant Oliva

IMG_0009 Homa Hemmati

130129-101428 Megan Agajanian, Publications (1, 2), News (12, 3, 4)

LabPictureCarol Caroline Arellano-Garcia

image1 Gabriela Alvarez

ArmenGharibi Armen Gharibi, Publications (1, 2); News (1)

Alex Chang 14039416 Alex Chang; Publications (1); News (1)

20150826_143822 Julie Hong (BUILD PODER), Publications (1)

527146_654043047945640_39109541_n Justin Molnar, Publications (1)

photo Malachia Hoover (RISE); Publications (12, 3); News (123456)

IMG_8716 Yvess Adamian; Publications (123, 4); News (12)

Duell Erika Duell (BUILD PODER)

Andrea Andrea Canahui (BUILD PODER)

Kayla_Lab Website Kayla Meade; Publications (1)

image1 Lindsay Kutscher (BUILD PODER)

photo (2) Preston Shisgal; Publications (1)

image2 Sarkis Hamalian; Publications (1)