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Kelber Lab - Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities

The TGFβ protein can have either supportive or detrimental effects on multiple physiological processes that impact human health. In the context of disease, TGFβ can act to promote wound healing and as a growth inhibitory cytokine to slow cancer progression; however, dysregulated TGFβ signaling can lead to excessive scarring or cancer progression through the initiation of an EMT program. Our group has recently implicated the novel cytoskeleton-associated kinase, PEAK1, in the disease-promoting functions of TGFβ signaling. Efforts of postdoc fellows in the Developmental Oncogene Laboratory will center on addressing the following two challenges within the field of TGFβ research: 1) characterizing the translational and post-translational mechanisms of TGFβ-induced EMT, and 2) identifying the context-dependent spatiotemporal dynamics for molecular regulators of TGFβ responses. The collective knowledge gained from these studies, in the context of breast and pancreas biology, will elucidate details of the cellular and molecular contexts in which TGFβ is dysregulated to cause disease, and novel methods for blocking the negative consequences of TGFβ signaling.

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to jonathan.kelber@csun.edu.